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St Joseph's Catholic Junior School

We Follow Christ's Footsteps in Love

Year 3

St. Catherine and St. Jude


World Maths Day 2020

 The whole of Year 3 celebrated World Maths Day by participating in a range of challenges. They worked hard to apply skills they had learnt and competed against other with their times tables. 

People of Prayer

St Catherine's class led a beautiful assembly about People of Prayer. They looked at how we have Epiphany moments when we see, hear or feel the presence of God. They also looked at Jesus' teachings during the Sermon on the Mount. 

Singing Playgrounds

Some children from St Catherine and St Jude became singing leaders. They attended a training course which allowed them to learn some songs which they can introduce into the playground to encourage other children to sing and dance in the playground. The children have loved learning the different songs and sharing songs with each other. 


 We have been using place value counters and part whole models to divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. 


As part of our DT topic we have been designing and looking at different pizzas. We have been thinking about what makes a healthy pizza as well as what pizzas we could use for different events. 

At the end of the topic we got to make our own pizzas. They were yummy!

Volcanic eruptions

 After learning all about volcanoes we decided we would like to try and make our own volcanoes. First thing we did was to try and replicate the shape of a volcano using a plastic cup for the crater and papier mache for the flanks. 

Next we painted our volcanoes to try and make them as realistic looking as possible. 

Finally we got to explode them. This was really exciting. We put bicarbonate of soda inside our volcano and then we added some vinegar mixed with red food colouring (to make it look like lava). When these two mix together it causes a chemical reaction and carbon dioxide is released which makes it fizz up, like our volcanoes were erupting. 


The firemen came to visit our classes and they gave us a talk about how we can stay safe at home. This included the importance of having a working smoke alarm in our homes. We were also lucky enough to have a look around a real fire engine. 

Fire and Light

Some children in year 3 were able to create some lanterns which featured in the parade through Brent.

Blue day

As a class we each made a pledge about how we would stop bullying and even how we could prevent it from happening at all. To mark our pledges being made we released environmentally friend confetti. 


 We have been learning about Volcanoes and how they are made. We created some volcanoes out of play dough, so that we could build up the layers like in a composite volcano. This also allowed us to label the features. 


We have been putting our multiplication knowledge to the test by playing multiplication board games. Sometimes these can be a little tricky. 


In Spanish we have been learning about the colours. We have been playing games to identify the colour that our friend held up. 


In our music lessons we have been learning different songs. Some of the songs we have learnt are 'We are bees', 'Mission 5' and our very own cooking song. We can't wait to show you all we have been learning in our music concert. 

Conscience alley

During our Literacy lessons, we often like to try and imagine what the characters are feeling in books. Sometimes we try to give the characters advice on what they should do next (before we read further in the book). Here we are trying to help Edmund make the right decision. 


We have been studying mosaics during our art lessons. We have found out how the rich Romans often covered their floors with colourful mosaic designs. We used play dough to design our mosaic and to try making the small tiles that would have been used. 


 We have been learning about Romans and what life was like for them.


 We have learnt that darkness is an absence of light. We have also completed some experiments to see how shadows change throughout the day and with distance from the light source.