Year 4 

Welcome to Year 4!

In year 4, we love learning new things and building on what we already know. Working together and helping one another is what we do best!

Spring 2 2019

This is going to be a busy half term for year 4 as we will be getting ready for our Easter production based on Jesus' death and resurrection. We are all very excited and are looking forward to showing our parents all of our hard work! 


During our English lessons, we have been looking at fairy tales. We will be writing our own fairy tales as well as writing a traditional fairy tale from a different point of view! 


Our RE topic focuses on Lent to Easter and how we can prepare. It is an important time of the year for us and our families so we will be discussing lots of ways about how to make sure we continue to follow Christ's footsteps. 


As part of our D&T project, we are going to be designing packaging to protect tomatoes! Watch this space to find out how our designs went as we will be testing them in different conditions!

Year 4 are ready for a busy half term!

Spring 1 2019

In RE, we are looking at being sacramental by using our Christian eyes and looking all around us to identify where we can see actions, words and symbols of God!

Our class text is Iron Man and we are all fascinated by the book written by Ted Hughes. We are carrying out some exciting work using this text. 

History is taking us back to the time of the Vikings where we have loved finding out about how they travelled, fought and what they wore. Did you know Vikings didn't actually have horns on their helmets?

In science, we have been learning about animals and humans and we are really excited to investigate our 'Big Question'! 

We look forward to continuing our learning adventures!


As part of the year of faith in the Church this year, we created art work based on Baptism for the theme of salvation. We discussed what salvation was and how Baptism links to this. From a previous Art topic, we used our skills of adding black ink to include definition. 

Science- Animals including humans

During our science topic, we completed an investigation to see what happens when we eat food. We explored the digestive system and we all really enjoyed learning what happens to the food we eat when it goes in to our body!

Year 4 beats bullying!
We all gathered together with our blue balloons to share a special message about how we can stop bullying! It was a great afternoon celebrating the friendships we have in school and reminding ourselves about how to treat others! Everybody loved watching the balloons float away and we all hoped that bullying will float away with them. 

4-1 Assembly Autumn 2018

In our assembly we were thinking about the message of Christmas. As a class we discussed what was important and tried to remind everybody of the special meaning that Jesus was born. We really enjoyed performing for our families and school!

Other Faiths~ Hinduism Autumn 2 2018 

As part of our RE topic we looked at Hinduism and learnt lots about their faith. Our prayer leaders were lucky enough to visit a local Temple and they told us about what they saw. 


We all had the chance to take part and learn Hindu dancing which was great fun! 

Year 4 Rugby competition Autumn 1 2018

Some of the children were lucky enough to play rugby against other teams. It was great experience because they were able to put the skills learnt from PE lessons in to a real game. The children are excited for the next match!

4-2 Assembly Autumn 1 2018

We were very excited to be the first assembly of the school year and our focus was 'Beginning with God'. As a class we discussed how we need to be stewards of the earth and look after the world God gave us. Our favourite bit of the assembly was creating a lighthouse picture to remind us that God is the light!