Year 5

Spring 2019

Go Sketch

Year 5 were chosen to take part in six Go Sketch sessions this term.  We split into teams of 18 and had to design the characters, crest and font for our own t-shirts.  We then had the designs printed onto the t-shirts and presented to us at a very special ceremony at Wembley Stadium.  After the presentation, we had a tour of the stadium and saw many amazing things! 


Our RE Topic this term is 'Being a Sacramental People'.  We have been thinking deeply about what it means to be sacramental in RE, we have written poems and created a book using the Pages App on the iPads to show how God's love is present in all of us.

We have been learning about the Stone Age people in History this term.  We explored how they lived, what life was like and the tools they made and used.  We examined the diet of a Stone Age hunter-gatherer by going through some of their 'waste'.  Luckily for us, our teachers informed us after the lesson that the 'waste' had been created in the school kitchen and not found deep in a Stone Age settlement like they first said!