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Our Mission states that “Christ is Our Model” and as such we endeavour to follow His Example as closely and as humanely as possible.
Christ did not distinguish between those who were rich and poor, good or bad, Jew, Samaritan or Gentile, man or woman. He came to save all the peoples of the world that God Our Father has created.
  • St. Joseph’s Junior School is committed to giving all members of our school community the opportunity to achieve the highest possible standards regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, attainment or background.
  •  The School is committed to ensuring that all members of the school community feel valued and respected regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, attainment or background.
  • Racism and intolerance of any kind are unacceptable and will be challenged. Everyone should be treated according to his or her needs and rights, and diversity should be respected, valued and celebrated.
  •  Our Commitment is to prepare our pupils to take their place in a diverse society and to have respect and tolerance for all.

Welcome to our website

At St Joseph Catholic  Junior School "Christ is Our Model"

By sharing the gospel and teaching the Catholic tradition we encourage growth in a life of faith.
We seek to express that faith by creating a happy environment within our school, where all may learn and grow in God’s light.

We aim to provide an education where abilities are developed and interests stimulated.
We endeavour to strengthen Christian values and encourage all to a harmonious way of life within a multicultural society.