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House points

Our school is split into four house teams. These are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Children are awarded house points for great ideas, wonderful answers, for demonstrating the British and Gospel Values,  producing amazing pieces of work and much more. 

Each week the house points are collected by our team captains who then announce the results to the school.   The overall winners each half term receive a special prize. 

Keep an eye on this page, the main page for the weekly school newsletter for the current house points

The  house point totals for this week  are as follows: in 4th place with 1,907 points is Mark, in 3rd place with 2,073 points is Matthew, in 2nd place with 2,224  house points is Luke and this weeks winners with 2,603 points is John! 

Matthew's house point total this week 2,073

Autumn Term 2022 Champions (8,688 points)

Autumn Term 2021 Champions (2,309 points)

Luke's house point total this week 2,224

Summer Term 2022 Champions (7,636 points)

Summer Term 2023 Champions (9,203 points)

Mark's house point total this week 1,907

Spring Term 2023 Champions (9,189)


John's house point total this week 2,603

Spring Term 2022 Champions (5,666 points)