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English Workshop

2019 ~ 2020

Reading Workshop Year 3 ~ PowerPoint ~ 30/10/19

Reading Workshop Year 3 ~ Parental Feedback ~ 30/10/19

Parents feedback...

"Excellent workshop. Fantastic information and great tips and ideas. Delivered well with fantastic interactive activities."

"This workshop was very good at helping to understand how to start reading and how to help the children."

"I was very happy with the workshop as it gave me a lot of information on how to get my son to read well. It also made a point in telling us how we should get involved with them."

Reading Workshop Year 4 ~ PowerPoint ~ 14/10/19

Reading Workshop Year 4 ~ Parental Feedback ~ 14/10/19

Parents feedback...

"The workshop was good as we get to learn and also how to teach our children. Thanks a lot."


"Great advice given on how to get the most out of reading time and advance the children’s skills."

Photographs from our Year 4 reading workshop... (click on the image to enlarge it)

Reading Workshop Year 5 ~ PowerPoint ~ 23/09/19

Reading Workshop Year 5 ~ Parental Feedback ~ 23/09/19

Parents feedback...

"The workshop was excellent nice to work with the children and teachers. Thank you!"

"It was very informative. Gave me guidelines on how to practice with my son and support him."

"The workshop was very interesting and helpful to me and I would like to attend more workshops in the future."

Photographs from our Year 5 reading workshop... (click on the image to enlarge it)

Reading Workshop Year 6 ~ PowerPoint ~ 30/09/19

Reading Workshop Year 6 ~ Parental Feedback ~ 30/09/19

Parents feedback...

"Very useful meeting. It enables us parents to understand what is expected from the children and how best we can support them. Please do more of this as we need it!"

"This workshop was really good as it gave me an idea how my child will be going to answer their year 6 test papers. Also how important it is to read every day."

"It was a detailed talk and my child enjoyed it."


Photographs from our Year 6 reading workshop... (click on the image to enlarge it)