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Maths WorkshopS

2022 - 2023 Timetable

Year 3 -Monday 7th November 9am

Year 4 - Monday 14th November 9am

Year 6 - Monday 21st November 9am

Year 5 - Monday 28th November 2pm

Year 5 - Maths Workshop - Monday 28th November 2022

Maths Workshop PowerPoint  Year 5 ~  28/11/2022

Maths Workshop ~ Parental Feedback ~ 28/11/2022

Parents Feedback...

"A big thank you for organising the workshop, as it gives an idea on how school teaches and how we parents can support our children in their learning"

"Thank you for a great session. It was very informative and has taught me modern maths skills"

"Today’s maths workshop was very useful and a good way to help parents to learn & teach the children"

"Very useful session for parents on how to teach their children at home"

"It was very nice to know the children are improving. Great work. Thank you"


Photographs from our Year 5 maths workshop... (click on the image to enlarge)

Year 6 - Maths Workshop - Monday 21st November 2022

Maths Workshop PowerPoint  Year 6 ~  21/11/2022

Maths Workshop ~ Parental Feedback ~ 21/11/2022

Parents Feedback...

"Thank you for organising this workshop because we as parents got an idea on how to help our children to support them in their work and to do better"

"The workshop was very educational. I really enjoyed it with my child"

"Thank you for a very well conducted maths lesson, children and all did very well"

"Thank you for this workshop, it helps a lot to have more of an understanding in solving math problems"

"The workshop was very useful and I learnt a lot. Fantastic work!"


Photographs from our Year 6 maths workshop... (click on the image to enlarge)

Year 4 - Maths Workshop - Monday 14th November 2022

Maths Workshop PowerPoint  Year 4 ~  14/11/2022

Maths Workshop ~ Parental Feedback ~ 14/11/2022

Parents Feedback...

"Extremely helpful workshop. It was very clearly presented in the time available. Thank you for your hard work!"

"Thank you. This maths workshop was really amazing as we get to understand how our children are taught easy methods, and keeping the methods the same throughout"

"It was fun learning with the kids so that we can get an idea how to work with them at home"

 "It was great to take part in this session as we parents get the right knowledge of how the children are taught
and the correct method used. Thank you" 

"The workshop really helped us to understand the concepts and methods used at school so that I can help my child"

Photographs from our Year 4 maths workshop... (click on the image to enlarge)

Year 3 - Maths Workshop - Monday 7th November 2022

Maths Workshop PowerPoint  Year 3 ~  07/11/2022

Maths Workshop ~ Parental Feedback ~ 07/11/2022

Parents Feedback...

 "Thank you for organising the workshop so I can help my son, using the same words and methods at home"

"Amazing! Been a really helpful session in understanding what method to best when practicing at home with the kids"

"Thank you abundantly for this workshop. Very helpful to teach the child at home"

"Different methods to do to the calculation. Really useful session to help teach our children at home. Thank you"

"The maths workshop was really helpful, it cleared methods that parents can use to practice. Thank you!"


Photographs from our Year 3 maths workshop... (click on the image to enlarge)

2019 ~ 2020

Year 3 - Lesson Together Workshop 10th  February 2020

Lesson Together Year 3 ~ Document ~ 10/02/2020

Lesson Together Year 3 ~ Parental Feedback ~ 10/02/2020

Parents Feedback...

"Fantastic maths workshop! Great to see the step by step approach to multiplication. Great explanations! I now feel able to fully support my child with her maths at home."

"Thank you very much for sharing the different ways of multiplication. It was helpful. Looking forward to more workshops."

"The session was good. Its shows how the children work in school and helps us to guide them in their work at home and to practice at home too."

Year 4 - Lesson Together Workshop 3rd February 2020

Lesson Together Year 4 ~ Document ~ 03/02/2020

Lesson Together Year 4 ~ Parental Feedback ~ 03/02/2020

Parents Feedback...

"Thank you for the workshop. It was very informative as it will help us to teach our children at home when they are struggling to understand."

"Thank you for keeping this workshop and helping us to teach our children and make a difference."

"Today’s mathematics lesson was really good, hope we all as parents get this opportunity again. Thank you so much to all the staff"

Year 5 - Lesson Together Workshop 27th January 2020

Lesson Together Year 5 ~ Document ~ 27/01/2020

Lesson Together Year 5 ~ Parental Feedback ~ 27/01/2020

Parents Feedback...

"The session was superb. Very interesting and I learnt the column multiplication today as well as how to help my      child at home."

 "The tutorial was very informative and well presented, same time very enjoyable. Thank you"

 "Good fun with maths. Thank you for reminding us where to find resources"

 "It was amazing!!!"

Year 6 - Lesson Together Workshop 13th January 2020

Lesson Together Year 6 ~ Document ~ 13/01/2020

Lesson Together Year 6 ~ Parental Feedback ~ 13/01/2020

Parents Feedback...

"The session was very helpful for the children. If you could be kind enough to give more extra classes"

"This session was very useful. It helped me to understand the methods better. We should have sessions like this more often, so that it is easier to teach our children"

"It felt really great getting to know more about coordinates. The method of solving mathematics, how the teachers teach in class. It was knowledgeable. Thank you very much teachers"