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Remembrance Day Work 2020

Remembrance a poem

Seas of red, pinned to one’s chest;

A symbol of remembrance,

To those who fought,

Did they fight for us?,

For our own freedom,

To be just forgotten?,

That my friend-

Is why they are worn,

Blood, belonging to young boys,

Splattered, lost,

A reminder to never ,

Let it happen thrice.

Rows and rows,

Of poppies grow,

Petals bright,

Light and low,

100 years it has been,

Blood, gone, loss,

Brave soldiers on the floor they lie,

Let us not forget,

Those who died,

In flanders Field.

By Stacey

By Veloshka

Remembrance Day poem

We remember the soldiers, who died, 

We remember those who gave life for our country,

We remember the souls who have died

We remember those who serve us today

We remember them on 11th November  

Your ancestors did not survive

It nearly ended their life 

They put their life in danger

To make us feel comfortable 

Remember those who died

They move around us

They spend all day 

And a night

Protecting us

We salute them,

S served us and put their life on risk without caring of their family only to protect the country

O on this day we remember the soldiers who died as a sign of respect we put a poppy

L left their families and came to protect their country 

D died for us so we may be in peace

I:  I salute them and we pray for their souls 

E  : very time it’s the 11th  day of the 11th month ,it takes two minutes remember them 

R remember  them on 11th of November 

By Darrien

All that we really have to say,

We wear poppies on remembrance day!

To remember all who died for us

Boy! That really is a fuss!

To risk your life to save our race

I think you should sit down, (just in case)

By Jenny

Those poppies that grew after the war

That really was a miracle or…

God just really wanted to share

That people's spirits are in the air,

By Jenny

A Tribute to the Doctors

Every night I close my eyes

I remember the people who save us everyday

But the moment I wake up, I be in a fear

What will happen today?


I stepped out of my house and on my way

Scared, filled with fear along the lane.

There I saw a man, who was finding difficulty to breathe,

And clutching his knees,

And no one around could relieve his wheeze.


The moment the ambulance arrived, came a ray of hope

The doctor ran down the slope,

He attended to him and treated

Soon all the people around retreated.

But there was a thought running down in my mind

“If not the doctor, then who would save his life?”

The doctor didn’t mind who the person was,

Nor didn’t see if he knew him,

But the doctor fulfilled his duty

Because …………... 

He saw God in every humanity. 

                                                                        By Anson

We remember

We remember everyone one of you 

From world war one and two 

We thank you all of you 

From world war one and two 

We appreciate your sacrifice 

We appreciate your love 

We appreciate your bravery 

Which every one of you had.  

You fought a good fight 

So we could all be free 

You defended our country 

From our many enemies.  

We will always remember everyone of you 

Each and every soldier from world war one and two. 

By Renai

By Thomas

By Megan


Remember the 11th of November

End of world war 1 

Many families died during wa

Every one lost Kids, husbands, wifes and pets

Many died without saying goodbye

But even though they died without saying goodbye

 Right before the soldiers’ eyes unaccounted people lost their lives 

And remember the 5th of November

Now we sell poppies to help the soldiers and their ex- soldiers and their families.

Come and buy poppies to raise money for the soldiers who dies in flanders field.

By Jessica

Remember the dead people serving this city

Explosive bombs right underneath us

Machines and Tanks cover the Earth

Earth savers, saving the Earth.

Military soldiers 

Blood that bled like a child spilling water

Everything while war was destroyed

Respect all the soldiers

All the people locked in their house’s scared.

No one wants to join this type of war

Care all the people in the world 

Essential things are very useful and one of them are ‘love each other’

By Florence

Remembrance day is a day we
We remember people from the war,
We remember all our friend and family,
We remember all the people who died,
We pray all the time to
remember everyone.

By Julia

Remembrance day,

A day when the war was over,

To bravest soldier to the medical helpers ,

Who helped us.

The noisy tanks,

The dangerous bullets,

And the terrible treatments. 

Thank you,

For helping us,

The poppies which grow help us remember you,

Have a lovely Remembrance Day

By Tevin

 Remembrance day

In flanders field the soldiers lay,

We thank them for what they have done every day.

The poppies symbolizes there blood,sweat and tears,

The hard work they have done for us all these years.

Each year we remember them in november and recognise what they have done for us.

In flanders field

Pretty poppies are red,

Strong soldiers are dead.

We remember them every step of the way by celebrating them.

By Zarachukwu

By Ethan

Remembrance day,

Should we be yelling  hooray.

Poppies are everywhere,

With Flags in the air.

Soldiers risked their life for the people

Doctors working non - stop just like Mary Seacole

By Shane

By Anora

Poppies for Remembrance

Scarlet poppies can flutter like fragile butterflies in the dry corn of summer.

They can dance like graceful ballerinas among the feathery stalks of barley.

Red poppies can glow like bright little lamps on our warm winter coats in November.

They can whisper, like long lost voices from the forgotten fields on flanders.

By Shaina

Remember me  

There always is a time were for all of us where we have to say goodbye, 

So  Don't remember me with sadness, don't remember me with tears, but remember all the laughter we’ve shared throughout the years.  

But faith and hope and love and trust can never ever die

So please don’t be unhappy just because I’ve left you and gone, remember that I'm with you each morning, noon and night

By Avril

By Shania