Whole School Assemblies & Collective Worship

Lighting the Advent Wreath


Dressing the Christmas Tree

Today, the Junior children dressed the Christmas tree with all the beautiful decorations the children had made. Each child worked hard making their decoration, and we had so much fun dressing the tree.

Then (with a little Christmas magic and some wishes) the tree was lit! 

After this, Mrs Whelan and the prayer leaders, led the school in collective worship, lighting the first candle of Advent. 

What a wonderful afternoon.

The Christmas Tree

From a tree a manger was made,

On the First Christmas in it He laid.

Also from a tree a cross was made

And on it, for our sins, the price He paid,

I remember each year, as the tree I adorn

His gift giving began, the day He was born.

And as I gently place, each ornament of gold,

In his hands I place my heart, and my life, for him to hold.

Trusting in Him, to take good care of me,

I pray and sing as I decorate the tree.

'I am the Way, the Truth and the Light' He said,

That's why I put lights, on my Christmas Tree.

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